Antiquated Chapters

by Sunlight's Bane

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william maurer
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william maurer Sunlight's bane is a band I just discovered through searching around the Michigan Metal scene, and this band blew me away, such a standout band I love this compilation and can not wait to hear what else they do. Favorite track: Lanterns.
Wallow Within
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Wallow Within Even the most puristic metalhead will have a hard time not liking this album. If you're somewhat into Black/Death or even Grind than there will be something for you on this record I suppose. Especially the opening song reeks of aggression and disgust. Also, I love the combination of all those shouting styles.
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Sekator Gnarly and punishing blackened HC with occasional sprinkling of grindspice on top. Well played, well produced, solid dose of aggression.

If you like ACxDC, this should definitely be up your alley. Favorite track: Heart of Gnarled Roots.
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released June 4, 2015

Collection of songs released under the former name Traitor between the years 2011-2013.

Tracks 1-5 originally from the EP "Shadowheart".

Tracks 6 and 7 originally from the Traitor//Barking Backwards split.

Track 8, an unreleased cover.

Tracks 9 and 10 from the unreleased Bearfoot/Traitor split.

Tracks 11 and 12 originally from "Demo MMXI".



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Sunlight's Bane Michigan

Midwestern grinding death painting an atmosphere of horror and visciousness across the necks of listeners.

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Track Name: Heart of Gnarled Roots
Fearful I have been to give rest to hands that hold tightly to the earth. Like pins driven into the eyes, despair painfully ran the veins of every withered leaf upon my head. I was truly lost. As the once familiar beat of my heart came to a still, I drew not another fevered breath. But I remember the touch of that hand. Its slender grace bringing fire to every neuron in my body: air, the possession of my lungs be had. My eyes opened and I was perplexed to see not the might of some towering sentinel recalling such vigor, but the love of the strongest spirit to walk amongst this deadened place. Untwist this heart of gnarled roots, exposing tissue burned easily by your stare. This was my last shield, lowered only for you. Count the rings circling the scars and knots. How old I've grown waiting for this armor to sunder. I am truly nothing without you, for in your eyes does my dead heart beat anew.
Track Name: Lanterns
Land I had so cherished once, how you sang our names that summer through the sunrise and sweet grasses. In your serenity, I seek rest. My voice, hoarse and exhausted, is carried through the air like elusive breaths of Earth. How hollow and empty it seems without those familiar words. I shudder as the match sets alight where I hoped to one day call home, but the warmth it brings gives me a comfort I had thought to have left this world. Like coital embrace, the embers caress sky, those innumerable stars given jealousy as flames will light my way. From my wrists drift anguish as I embrace her in memory. How dear the betray of one last kiss. For but a moment my breath is shortened as the hands of flames engulf me. “She would have had your eyes.” Despair in my eyes no longer, I call to your illusion, your memory, your ghost as it stands beside me. Hold tight my hand and burn with me.
Track Name: Sunlight's Bane
Sunlight's bane, coursing the length of veins leading to a source that once had not known distress. Even now it beats, deprived of stillness as I bathe in shadow eternal. The moon is my bride and I watch the world from silhouettes. My breath smells of the soil. Of pleasure I am athirst, but every well has dried. I am driven only by the hope that I may one day sleep well in my grave. I must know your unending splendor, a luxury of which I am bereft. I bid the sun farewell.
Track Name: Starless
Sparrows flew over head. I crawled through the soil of my grave, the enigma of your absence my only thought. Could one really be so heartless? You were my salvation as I counted our days in increments. How your poisoned lips, a Judas kiss, left my mouth still tasting of my grave. I once accepted you as a part of me, like a program or coding, there in my memory moaning in binary. But as the fragments of my being dipped into that stream of consciousness, I saw nothing that I saw in you. You will never be a part of me. The sparrows carried me by the threads of my burial gown, for you abandoned me. They sang the saddest song that day. I remember every word. You said that you would fly to me, so I looked to the sky hoping to see you. But I closed my eyes in shame. You were not there.
Track Name: I Curse Those Who Ail Me
May the touch of glass shards follow every step you take. May the scars of your actions blight the faces of loved ones, your heart made to break with each stare as though it were the first. May no rays of light break the grasp of shadow in your final days as you spend them wandering the forests of remorse. And when your last breaths are drawn, stifling the ease of your passing, may my name be the last word to cross your mind.
Track Name: The Weight of Hope
I have sought after tranquility more than words define, but joy cuts deeper than knives in a world where I find no comfort. The weight of hope has crushed my wings. I dared dream too soundly and that foolish notion has been rectified. From my knees, the sky seems so distant. The weight of hope has crushed my wings.
Track Name: Loathe
I swallow glass to silence feeble words, for they speak the mind of another. It is something like madness that wills this existence, forsaking order and rational thought. The tumultuous roar of the struggle within has deafened me.
I drown in its turmoil. My reflection, I no longer recognize. It is only a face of scarred grief imprisoned. It cannot be my own. I don't want to live like this.
Track Name: Eight Ball (demo)
The filth beneath my fingernails holds fragments closer to a human heart than the husk of deteriorated muscle within my chest. I feel remorse (if I indeed feel at all) for any who can still say they love me. How I envy their courage. My arms are covered with the bleakest constellations, dotted lines that tell the story of a life I wish on none. I deserve a fate no greater than the insects I scratch at beneath my skin.
Track Name: Ghosts and How They Call My Name (demo)
Though they are composed from a distortion of logic, I trust them as one
would trust a lover. Their words become the voice in my head repeating over and over the despair of thoughts ingrained.
Track Name: Devil Deals (demo)
Oh you so often beg for understanding, but there is no monetary gain to be had in compassion. I am as human as the parchment I ask you to place your name upon. Sign your name where the bitter tasting ink allows. I will give you new lungs to breathe new life for the promise of your child's, for every gain you earn (and we remember every promise). You cut the hand off just to spite the wrist and still you'll fare no better than beggar's coin. You may call me the devil if it pleases you. Just know that he is merely employed by us. Heartfelt words fall upon deaf ears.
Track Name: No Taste More Bitter (demo)
Lips sneer in the most honest of ways, sharpened teeth gnashing with dissent. My hands contort, becoming talons buried in the pockets of this coat of patience. If ever it were in me to forgive, I have forgotten. I am cancer in the lungs of every corrupt breath you draw. I am the black wings that obscure the moon, casting dread for all I detest. A shepherd in enemy’s land, I am unafraid. I prey on wolves. With crescent edged intent, I will seek them out in their temples and in their beds and in their homes and in their shrines. In anticipation, I have dug our graves. Fang shaped justice, be my virtue.